Stuff I’m Doing

Hi, I’m Sean, and DBA Rant is my blog. Here I talk about SQL Server and other tech topics, plus MidnightDBA news and SQL community updates. Together, my wife Jen McCown and I video and write and run all things MidnightDBA.

What I Do

Here’s a list of all the things I do online:

Blog This blog, DBA Rant
Videos training videos
Webshow The DBAs at Midnight webshow, with me and Jen. We talk about tech and community topics late at night; we’re usually punchy so it’s pretty funny. (Also available as a feed.)
MidnightSQL We run MidnightSQL Consulting, providing emergency, project, and ongoing SQL Server help.
InfoWorld Magazine I’ve been contributing editor and the sole database expert for InfoWorld Magazine for 7 years; my latest article (as of 6/28/10) is Seven reasons to care about SQL Server 2008 R2
Other Online Material Other online presentations and articles:

Twitter, LinkedIn, FB Jen keeps up the @MidnightDBA Twitter feed with updates and whatever. I’m on Twitter at @KenpoDBA. I’m also on LinkedIn and Facebook, but only very seldomly.
Swag We create t-shirts and mugs for the MidnightDBA Zazzle store. All proceeds go to fund our giveaways (we don’t profit)

And here are some of the things I do IRL:

For more about us personally, see our “Who Are the MidnightDBAs“.


In addition to finding me at various SQL Saturdays and PASS Summit, there are a few ways to reach me:

  • I read all the comments on this blog, so that’s a good place to start.
  • Feel free to email questions, suggestions, and comments to
  • Follow me on Twitter at @KenpoDBA


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