Back at home this week! MidnightFreddie was quite on the ball with the sound effects, we were awake and healthy…great show!   news! New SQL Server 2012 intro ebook on msdn.  And “peecrastination”. MCM plaque Sean semi-rant…doctors. Jen rant – being called down for my MS virtual launch blog Skit – JUST DO IT, MAN […]

s3ep34 – Cooking up Truth

News Info world article Dbas vs dev, with anger translator Update: be a man at work SSRS embedded imagemystery Disk alert process Seans production scewup Seans pms and ocd. Joe Celko’s enterprise schema vision Allans HA class: http://dataeducation.com/forget-mission-impossible-this-is-mission-critical-high-availability-for-sql-server-2008-and-2012/ The dvr guy Replication – can’t can cant can…

Partial show notes for Jan 06 show, s3 ep27

The January 6 show titled Forced Reboot is up. Jen’s notes and links: I love SSRS, I really do. Nothing like a boss who proactively gets BS off my plate. Why don’t more places film training interally? Spinning wheels. Nic found another plagiarist. Discussion of swearing. Time management. News and bits (some of these made it […]

Show Notes: SOPA Sucks

Nov 18, 2011 SOPA SUCKS News and tweets, DBAInSpace It’d be easy to get used to being a movie star From Letters of Note, 1974 Cleveland Browns letter Dale Cox. http://www.snopes.com/business/consumer/browns.asp Trying not to get your hopes up at work / Walter Issacson’s Steve Jobs bio Good Dog award: .Net guy actually asked for requirements […]

Show notes, 111111 (episode 19)

Tonight we utterly winged it. Wung it. Whatever. Special report on SQL Workshops being douchebags. Cowboys don’t belong in IT. We’re easily impressed in intetrviews now. Sad. Our Man in the Field report was on troubleshooting connections with telnet, and on the benefits of indexes. Sean’s AD brainfart. Sean’s junior, who spoons for questions. IT: […]