Season 3 episode 40: “Auntie Dev”, or “Invincible ignorance”

This was a jampacked show!  We’re still kind of patting ourselves on the back for this week…

Quick news:

  • @BoingBoing Screwed by the TSA? Now there’s an app for that.
  • @SQLChicken Want a free, online T-SQL Formatter that doesn’t suck? Thanks @Redgate! –  #redgateluv #redgate #sqlpass
  • @SQLSoldier Just nominated @SirSQL for the Exceptional DBA Award. Seems like a no-brainer for finalist to me.
  • @SQLShaw The May #TSQL2sDay question. DBA’s Ethics. I can’t wait to hear what ya say.
  • Jen: I’m doing Warrior Dash on June 2!


  • Same day SQL Saturday submissions:
  • Sean rant: SAN guy migration project
  • Jen’s “youtube” mashup andcomments:
    • @SQLDefender I can’t believe this BS is still there #sqlrally
    • @jenstirrup @sqldefender it’s clear that @midnightdba does stellar #sqlfamily work. IMHO don’t tweet links that just give oxygen to detractors
  • Sean on chargeback and anti-dev
    • Kevlar’s chat comment: “Invincible ignorance”
  • @Mike_Fal’s Blog on FILESTREAM on Server Core: Know your Powershell, people.
  • Speaker evals: @NancyHidyWilson blogged Improving Speaker Rating Evaluations < She was talking about the evaluations. I agree that they need work, but what kind of questions do we want on them? And how do we encourage people to give the feedback?
  • Sean’s helpdesk PSA
  • Sean: database consistency across groups / do it now
  • Jen’s session on deadweight joins: @unclebiguns I love when I find tables in a query that are never used. No cols in select, later Join, WHERE, GROUP BY , ORDER BY
  • S: …?
  • – Qif peanut buttter –
  • Sean and the SA breach
  • Jen on hiding at work
  • Jen on “backing up tables” (non-geek speak)
  • Sean gives a Golden Shower award….to his server team!
  • – DBA Roadmap ad —
  • Sean: You make your own luck. I have a blog on that.
  • Jen: Why is it always the database?

Twitter Tidbits:

  • @MidnightDBA Reading @TimMitchell’s Transaction Rollbacks with Identity Values Oh good, I don’t have to blog this myself…
  • Anne Wheaton‏@AnneWheaton Scheduled my always-unpleasant-but-necessary lady exam. Or as I like to call it, ma’am-o-gram. Reminder mom reminding you to schedule yours!
  • Cami‏@Nuurdygirl Rocky Horror Slide Show. #LessAmbitiousTheatre
  • Jen & Sean McCown‏@MidnightDBA [S] Les Ennuyeux #LessAmbitiousTheatre
  • Jen McCown‏@JenniferMcCown Oklahomeh #lessambitioustheatre
  • David Stein‏@Made2Mentor If your DBA ain’t happy, you ain’t happy.
  • FatherJack‏@fatherjack can take your kids to their grandparents? then take photos. Like this guy
  • Jen & Sean McCown‏@MidnightDBA @sirsql @nuurdygirl Armstrong and Miller flyboys
  • Jen & Sean McCown‏@MidnightDBA @sqlrunner “WAH WAH, I DON’T HAVE A FLYING CAR”. Shut up and enjoy your tricorder and communicator.
  • Jen McCown‏@JenniferMcCown Also, I did this, too: (Sharing and wasting your time on Twitter since 2009, folks…)
  • Jen McCown‏@JenniferMcCown YOU. SPEAK. TRUTH.
  • Jeremiah Peschka‏@peschkaj Oh the painfully bad humor
  • Jonathan Coulton‏@jonathancoulton Dear internet: pics or it didn’t happen (please do not send me pics). Happy First of May you freaks!
  • Karen Lopez‏@datachick I once had someone send me their phone number as a PPT slide.
  • Nerdist News‏@NerdistNews This video is nuts… literally. Watch the infamous lobby scene from #TheMatrix recut with peanuts:
  • Paul and Storm‏@paulandstorm [S] In heaven, a UPS truck pulls up to your house every five minutes.
  • Jungchan Hsieh‏@JungchanHsieh Deciding between COALESCE and ISNULL in SQL Server via @mssqltips
  • We need a Kitchen Nightmares show, but for IT. Seriously, we should do this.
  • Isn’t it?
  • Progress through small wins:


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