Newest DBAs@Midnight Video on Resumes, plus the Lifecam Drawing!

We have hereby posted our newest DBAs at Midnight: Resumes (in three parts)

In Part 1 of DBAs@Midnight: Resumes:

  • We show you MVP award. The joke Sean makes (and glosses over) about “in pieces on the floor” was a reference to me breaking Sean’s MVP trophy this year. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!! There’s a little glass clip thing with the year printed on it, and as I was moving the award off my desk, the clip flew off and chipped badly. The powers that be at the MVP program were kind enough to send a replacement, and I don’t touch the award any more. :)
  • We talk about promoting MidnightDBA, our “vision” for the site, and why Sean started MidnightDBA. “What element of SQL can kill you? Film at 11!”
  • Sean shows off his new Blue mic, the Yeti
  • We talk blogging and putting YOU in your material. Sounds like a self-help seminar…

In Part 2 of DBAs@Midnight: Resumes:

  • “It doesn’t make you stupid to make the technology accessible to people….”
  • We arrive at our main topic: Resumes! How long should your resume be, should you get it done by a service, etc etc.
    • Thought: “Could you imagine what it would look like if it were customary to have a dating resume?” It would be a lie fest
    • We (Sean and I) do a coulpe of things with our resumes that aren’t necessarily standard, and ignore some standard advice.
    • Here we say bull**** a lot. Oops. And we begin to talk interviewing…

In Part 3 of DBAs@Midnight: Resumes:

  • Effective interview tactics from the interviewer’s perspective.  “So if you’re an EXPERT, then tell me……”
  • Shout out to Brent Ozar and the excellent interview material on his blog. Sean smiles, then scowls and shakes his fist.
  • Sean talks about how hard he is on interviewees, and I reply, “Fair’s fair: If you hire the guy, he’s gonna have to work with you…”

Plus somewhere in there we do the drawing for the Lifecam, and also announce a surprise.

Happy days,

-Jen McCown

3 thoughts on “Newest DBAs@Midnight Video on Resumes, plus the Lifecam Drawing!”

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