Friday Funtime: Contest, Powershell, Preview!

Hi guys!  Here are your new and exciting updates for today, plus a PowerShell tip:

  • Contest: We haven’t announced the prize yet, but dont let that stop you from getting a big celebrity to Tweet about @MidnightDBA!  Biggest celebrity wins (the president, Bill Gates, and anyone from the cast of Star Trek Next Generation are instant wins!) Deadline is next Wednesday.
  • New house update: More of the same paperwork tango with the mortgage company. Who knew they’d want so much proof of income for a lousy six figure loan?
  • SQL Saturday #35 is filled to the brim with sponsors, and we’re insanely grateful. REALLY looking forward to a great conference.
  • On the web: David Levy has been kind enough to compile a list of Powershell links here. He’ll be adding a link to our Powershell videos tonight.
  • Powershell Tip: Did you know you can open Powershell from SSMS? Just right click any object in the Object Explorer window and select Start PowerShell. A PS window will open, and the file path will be set to the level of that object! For example, if you right clicked the database AdventureWorks in your default instance, your Powershell prompt would be set at PS SQLSERVER:\SQL\Default\ServerName\Databases\AdventureWorks>   That’s mighty convenient!
  • DBAs@Midnight webcast – We got lots of new talking point ideas from you guys last night on Twitter.  Keep them coming, in comments, email, or Twitter! I also just posted our first webshow preview on YouTube, showing scenes from this coming Monday’s show:


Happy, happy days!

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