News and Upcoming, or, No Wonder I Get Headaches

I have so much going on right now, I can't even think of a way to be clever about it.  Let's just get you up to date on all the important MidnightDBA, SQL Saturday, and PASS news… 

Our Exciting Life 

Sean and I are in the final frantic countdown-to-closing tango on our new house in Irving (TX). Like a late night followed by a hurried rush to work and school, everythwe need ing is scattered, everyone is doing their best (but feeling the strain), and I can't find my friggin brown loafer.  Send us cookies, maids, and personal valets.

We're also very VERY excited about some upgrades we're making to our webshow, DBAs @ Midnight. By the way, wouldn't a vanity plate reading "12AMDBA" just be insanely wonderful? I'm just sayin.  So on to the upgrades: we've started filming the show a week in advance, to be able to bring you commercials for the next DBAs@! Check out the most recent show, When To Leave Your Job.  At the end (part 5) we have our very first teaser for the next show. Kudos to Sean for getting that together; he's a juke box hero.

And and AND, in a couple of weeks we're going to start webcasting the show LIVE on Friday nights!  TAH-DAH!! Those of you, like us, who don't actually do things on Friday nights can sit up with us and Tweet, email, and call to your heart's content, and be part of the show. 

Random note: Somebody emailed us the other day, and was very apologetic about it. Listen guys, we like you. We like you a lot. That's why we do all this!  So go ahead, email, ask questions, let us know when something breaks/sucks/is awesome, and don't be apologetic. Embrace the internetz, embrace email. I'm, and Sean is  Have at it!!!


Jorge Segarra's (Twitter) SQL University is in full swing. If you've been ditching class, go back and read through the blogs so far: Documentation Week, Professional Development Week, and Security and Auditing Week are already in the bag! (Upcoming this summer, my Women in Technology week!)


24 Hours of PASS is free, online, and 24 hours long!  That's supercool. It starts at 7am my time on May 19… Sean's presenting, presumably at midnight, but I have to do the math. Let's see, 154GMT is what here??  Oh, go register for 24HOP RIGHT NOW, mmmkay


The NEXT DAY, Brad McGehee (blog, Twitter) is presenting at NTSSUG Dallas at 7pm CST.  Be there or be square. Seriously, all the cool kids in Dallas will be there!

SQL Saturday 35 Dallas

TWO DAYS after that, NTSSUG hosts our first ever SQL Saturday!  We're really really really really really really really REALLY exited.  Some of us may need a potty break here in a minute. 

Registration is FULL, the waiting list is FULL…at this point, your best bet is finding someone who's registered and paying them off to get their seat. Or, you know, waiting till next year.  If you are registered, PLEASE check your registration and lunch paid status here to make sure everything's in order. Email if you have any questions/issues.  We'll be making a visitor guide available online soon (and in print at the event).

Oh, and Jen's slide deck and code from SQL Saturday 41 Atlanta are up here, and the video recordings are on the front page of, if you want to spoil your appetite.

PASS Summit Call for Speakers (finally!)

The PASS call for speakers is open!  

  1. Check out Jeremiah Peschka's blog Submitting a Winning Abstract at PASS, with links to the presentation and recording.
  2. Craft your abstracts accordingly. Be sure to include some #win, #awesomesauce, and #bacon.
  3. Get your abstracts in before June 5!!

And yes, Sean and I are submitting. And yes, I fully expect to be turned down. And no, that won't upset me. Much.


I'm feeling really stressed out right now, so I'm going to throw out a super lame, kinda fun, completely self-serving contest for you guys. I have yet to pick a prize, but here's the contest:

Which one of you can get the biggest star to tweet or blog about MidnightDBA? And by star, I mean actors-musicians-politicians, etc. We all love Paul Randal and Buck Woody, but they tweet about us all the time :) 

Try to get your star to say something like, @MidnightDBA makes free IT training and a webshow that sometimes involves pee! (You can leave out the pee part if you want.)

If you think it's lame, don't do it. If you think it's fun, do it! And let us know…send a screenshot of the tweet, or link to the URL.  Deadline is Wednesday May 19th!

Hugs & kisses & happy days,


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