SQL Saturday #35: 11 days to go!

Okay, let me start by saying you, my internet friends, are so full of #win and #awesomesauce that I could cry. I won’t, but I could. 

First, our dear friend Jorge (of SQLChicken blog and Twitter fame, and dean of the FREE and ongoing SQL University) bought a MidnightDBA mug, and showed it off online: 


Then mister MikeSQL (blog, Twitter) chimed in: “I heard the @MidnightDBA mug makes coffee taste like #awesomesauce”.  Oh, it does Mike. It does. And it’s not because of lead paint, SQLRunner

So it’s a good morning so far. Still lots going on, but you know, I’ll be glad when May is over, the fun is done and sessions are submitted to SQLPASS. Maybe then I can get back to making actual SQL videos, in addition to all the fun stuff. 

Available on Zazzle.com
Our Offensive Mug

Speaking of May, here’s the rundown, in chronological order: 

  • The new DBAs @ Midnight, “Recompiling and Parameter sniffing” is out! We’re on a regular schedule now: film a week in advance, release on Monday. And in a couple of weeks we’ll start live streaming the web show on Friday nights.
  • Our Get a Celebrity to Tweet About MidnightDBA Contest is…..fizzling! I haven’t had one entry yet. Come on guys, you can’t get one lousy B-list actor or singer to give us a shout-out? We’ll even take Carrot Top at this point!
  • The NTSSUG meeting is next week. Brad McGehee is our speaker!
  • Immediately thereafter starts 24 Hours of PASS, which I’m really looking forward to. Register, and be sure to check out Sean’s midnight session.
  • Almost immediately THEREafter is SQL Saturday #35 Dallas, which is fully funded, fully stocked, and fully going to have ICE CREAM from Paciugo in the afternoon.  #awesomesauce indeed.

Here as promised is the preview for next week’s DBAs @ Midnight. Please to enjoy! 


And for your “OZAAAAAAAAR” moment, here are some pictures of a man singing along to Lady Gaga

Happy days, 

Jen McCown 


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