Rats in the Corn again, Paw!

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Oh, look! YOU wrote SSMS Tools Pack, too?

Mladen Prajdic has posted an excellent recap of yesterday’s events: Plagiarism and second chances  Happily, all seems to have ended well. -J

I think we’ve already found our nominee for Cornhole of the Week, and it’s only Monday! 

Troops, meet our latest blatant plagarizer, “SQLDigs”, at SQLDigs.WordPress.com  Now, you know how Sean and friends and I feel about blog thieves, so I’d like to do my part in rallying the troops. 

Now, let’s not get into another vicious war. Let’s all send a nice comment (and I do mean nice, no flamethrowers!) to the nice plagarizer at SQLDigs.  And if you wouldn’t mind, mark down in the comments who he’s stolen from. So far I’ve seen material from Mladen Prajdic and Jonathan Kehayias, and I’ve barely started looking. 

Rally, kids, but don’t flame. 

Edit: Oh! And don’t forget Brent Ozar’s excllent article How to Take Action When Your Content is Plagiarized 

Edit #2: The proprietor of SQLDigs has marked his blog private. With any luck, he’ll continue to act properly, and I may have to find a new Cornhole of the Week! (Optimism, I haz it.) 

-Jen McCown 


10 thoughts on “Rats in the Corn again, Paw!”

  1. I’m keeping this one:

    sqlsarg: Ok, what happened here, I go to Russian History class and the community identified I had been plagiarized and took the site down already?

    tradney: @sqlsarg, when @midnightdba gets and idea to shut someone down the community comes out with pitch forks and torches. The work is done.


  2. well… live and learn. didn’t think it was a big deal to copy & paste, but now i know it’s a huge deal. i just took the whole thing down, and then just put up one last post & comment. check it out if interested.

    i learned from reading over the rules about blogging ( after being straightened out a bit) that if you don’t completely understanding the blog tech; that it’s no excuse much less the rules of copy & paste. ahh well; all done now i guess. hope i didn’t cause too much harm.

    any how… much appreciate if you dropped the name from your first comment in here, and would be even better if you dropped the other dudes linkedin profile. i don’t want to find this guy knocking on my door one day cause of some old blog i tried putting up once upon a time.

    regards everyone.

    – IT guy formerly known as SQLDigs

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