Forgotten T-SQL Cheat Sheet

You’ve seen the blog, you’ve downloaded the code…you even watched the 24HOP session recording…now own the Forgotten T-SQL Cheat Sheet!

Yessir, this handy-dandy reference sheet includes the Logical Processing Order of SELECT, shorthand for recursive CTEs and MERGE, the famous list-of-details XML trick, and more! And it’s yours, for only $199.99! FREE

Cheat Sheet Not To Scale


Because we like you.

And because it’s a handy-dandy reference for me, too.  (After all, wasn’t I the one who put together the Absentminded DBA’s Cheat Sheet?)

Happy days!

9 thoughts on “Forgotten T-SQL Cheat Sheet”

  1. Neat cheat sheet, however it should have something that explains what certain items do because not only do we forget the syntax, we sometimes forget that we can use some of those instead of far more lengthy and CPU consuming alternatives. Looks like you’ve got to burn the Midnight oil and produce the SQL …er, Sequel.

  2. Well, it’s a cheat sheet…it’s kind of a reminder for after one aquaints oneself with the material at hand. For that, I have a handy-dandy recording of 24HOP :)

  3. In case there’ll be a V2 – the XML fragment (pun ok) should promote the “, type … .value(‘.’)” variant: Less gripes from people that reuse this without thinking and consequently missing their ampersands. And less CPU, too.

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