SQLKilt / WIT Shirts

This shirt was specifically requested by an online friend who shall remain nameless (his name rhymes with “Duck Hoodie”).  Another online friend (name rhymes with “Penny Sherry”) recommended we get a bunch of those shirts from a local printer for tons cheaper. So I did.

14 are spoken for…10 remain. Who will pledge their $8 to secure one of these limited edition, hand crafted, personally delievered (at PASS Summit 2010) works of SQLKilt / Women in Tech-supporting awesomesauce?

(For the record, the following folk are down for shirts already: Me, Sean, Denny, Nic, Rob Volk, Roy Ernest, Kevin Boles, RumblingDBA, Mvelic, LynnMcKee, Grant Fritchey, CameronMergel, SQLChicken, and Just_Sampson).

5 thoughts on “SQLKilt / WIT Shirts”

  1. Andrew playing the scruffy Englishman are we? All this talk about foreign men and their ability to dress well is getting a tad anal for my liking. The press storm over Mancini was a joke.

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