Inspiration, and the Joy of the Hive Mind

PASS Summit 2010 is over, and we are suffering from the lack of chatter and SQL celebrity sightings.  Bloggers are writing wrap-up pieces, people are tweeting with new pals, and it feels a tiny bit like Christmas is over – all the presents unwrapped, food eaten, family sent home.  But, we have come home with more than swag and dreams of 2011.  We have IDEAS.

I have new insight and new contacts on SQL itself, absolutely. PASS is brilliant for introducing you to new and old subjects, new and old friends…for making you a part of SQL Server and of the SQL community.  And that’s whether or not you actually got to attend the thing.  But more than that, I have something new in the mix (that I can’t talk about yet, how annoying), one friend has something very new and cool in the mix (that I also can’t talk about, how super annoying), and I just saw this, the coolest idea since partitioned views, come directly from a PASS Summit Women in Tech luncheon attendee:

An idea popped into my head while I was there.  What if you could capture the vibe, message, and momentum of [the Women in Technology] group in the form of a book? 
-Brian Garraty, The Kinetic Serendipity of the Written Word

This is a spectacularly good idea. Go read Brian’s full blog on this, and then tell me you’re not excited. Go on, I triple dog-dare you.

Happy days,
Jen McCown

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