All Things Awesome and MidnightDBA-y – 12/9/2010

Here’s the rundown of what we were up to last week

Friday night at 11pm CST we present another wildly appealing episode of DBAs at Midnight. Log on at 10:30pm 12/17/2010 for the preshow.


Articles: No new articles on this week, but you should read Sean’s How to Plan SQL Server Database Files


Car Talk: Our featured car talk (where Sean talks about database stuff in his car) this week: Change Controls: Part 1. We also filmed a brand-new 2 minute reel of Sean Explaining the Cloud.

Tech videos: No new ones this week. Take a look at Schemas: Ownership Chaining and Schema Ownership 

Tweet: Me (to SSRS preview): YOU, sir, are a liar and a fraud!!! No, wait, you must be caching the dataset. *refresh* #WIN #WIN #WIN


Blogs: On SQL Awesomesauce: 24HOP Needs Women!, Spotlight: Jes Borland, and RTFM65 Week 1

Interviews: This week we feature our PASS 2010 interview with Denny Cherry (blog, Twitter), “Denny ‘Five Fingers’ Cherry“.

Podcast: I continue season 2 of the MidnightDBA Blogcast, with the podcast MidnightDBA Blogcast 2.02 – RTFM365.

Webshow: We were supposed to releas the DBAs at Midnight webshow (#2.14) last week, but we’re behind. Sean’s catching up now. See show notes on the Groupies page for all Season 2 show notes. Preview the upcoming webshows on Our YouTube Channel.


24HOP WIT is scheduled for 3/15-16/2011. Abstracts should be sent to by Jan 14, 2011.

Abstracts for SQL Saturday #57 Houston are due by the end of the year. The event itself is January 29!

The January NTSSUG meeting will feature class 1 of Sean’s new series, “The Best Backup Class Evar!!” And Tom LaRock will present “Waits and Queues and YOU!” 


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