Get Well Trevor – Call to action!

Tim Ford, SQL MVP and all around Good Guy, has been having a really hard time so far in 2011. We knew his kid had been sick, but Tim just blogged abotu the whole saga. I have boys of my own, and I get sick thinking about the heartache that the Ford family is going through.

But we here at MidnightDBA – and in the SQL community in general – like to spread around the sunshine. I say we take a hint from Kendra Little and Jeremiah Peschka (who sent Trevor presents), and from Tim’s last comments:

He is so geeked out when he hears that someone in Australia is sending their best wishes; or Seattle, Texas, North Carolina, or Florida.  Hopefully this nightmare ends in a couple more days and life begins to resemble what it was before all this.  If it does you all played a role in it simply by thinking about Trevor and us and boosting his spirits in the process.

Let’s send Trevor our best wishes!  Take a picture of your exotic locale – even if your exotic locale is Podunk, Iowa, and preferably with a “Get Well Trevor” sign – and post the link back here

I thought about getting a Flickr feed or something, but Sean rightly pointed out that individual blogs and pages are much more like opening individual letters. You, our people, can choose to express your support in whatever way pleases you.



Edit: Here are Rob Farley’s (blogTwitter) contributions. Rob says:

Here’s a couple of pics from our new house (rental, while we knock our house down for a rebuild). One is from Saturday when it wasn’t so sunny. One from yesterday (Sunday) when it was sunnier. That’s a kite being flown by my 13yo, Samuel.

It’s summer here, of course. Probably much warmer than in Trevor’s part of the world. At least it’s winter he’s missing out on while in hospital – he’ll be out soon, I’m sure.

Get Well Trevor, from Australia
Get Well Trevor, From Australia (2)

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  1. Having a problem posting, trying with Firefox on Linux this time. Hi Trevor, I hope all of this is just a bad dream for you in a very short period of time. Here are some pics from a tour around New England I did a couple of years ago on my bike.

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