The results are in: What Tech Companies Are Doing it Right?

Edit: For more blogs about techie-company love, see Blowing Kisses: Un-SQL Friday #003 Roundup.

Last week I asked you: What Tech Companies Are Doing it Right?

Which SQL (or SQL-adjacent) tech companies are doing right, either by product, by promotions, or by people?

I threw together a poll and kept to my very persnickity rules:

  • SQL and SQL adjacent companies could mean practically anything.
  • Only community nominated entries were used (that is, if MicrappleCo was the only nomination for MicrappleCo, they didn’t make it onto the poll.)
  • Any one person could vote for multiple companies, and/or nominate yet another.
  • Voting closed on Friday Feb 11.

May I have the ballot, please…

We had three major standouts in this crowd.

Redgate Software came in third place, with a total of over 15% of all votes (remember, each person could vote for more than one).

SQLSkills consulting took second place, with 22% of the voting pool.

And in first place stands SQL Sentry, at 24% of the votes.

What Tech Companies Are Doing it Right? Your votes...

Honorable mentions for being nominated go to:

Now, maybe the tech company you adore isn’t on the list.  Maybe it is, and it didn’t make it high enough for your taste. I suggest (in honor of Valentine’s Day) that you Show Some Love this week by participating in Un-SQL Friday #003.  I’ll see you there!

Thanks for playing,
Jen McCown

6 thoughts on “The results are in: What Tech Companies Are Doing it Right?”

  1. I’d agree with RedGate being number 2, except for their decision to pull the free version of .NET Reflector. That action is unforgivable and I will never buy another RedGate product again.

    I look forward to using the free Jetbrains decompiler product and purchasing ReSharper 6 to get the VS Integrations. I also look forward to the SharpDevelop dev team releasing ILSpy and the Mono team doing the same.

  2. Justin:

    Dude, the new cost of .NET Reflector is $35. You’re going to eschew an entire company because they decided to start charging for a previously free product? I personally don’t know the whole story about .NET Reflector, but from the surface it sounds like you’re being more than a tad unreasonable.

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