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I will be giving a five minute Lightning Talk at SQLRally in May that aims to do the impossible: Teach a n00b T-SQL in 5 minutes. I can guarantee that after my five minute talk, you’ll be an expert in T-SQL to rival the best of the best, or your money (that you spent on reading this free blog) back!

This will be the reference page for all time for the five minute talk. After the fact, I’ll post either a video from the talk or a reenactment, for your learning pleasure. But…if you’re not actually THERE, you’re going to miss out on some other really awesome speakers!

Edit: I can’t help but notice the INSANE number of hits on this blog since I put it up; thanks for visiting!  I hope you’re not dissapointed yet that the content isn’t up.  As soon as possible after May 13, I will put the session recording (or reenactment) up, along with the associated script.  In the meantime, please enjoy the very very useful resources and articles  (most of them freely available here on the interwebz!) that are listed below. -Jen

Thanks to Jorge Segarra (Blog, Twitter) for inviting me to present at the Lightning Talk…this is gonna be fun!


SQL Server Books Online

Book: SQL Server 2008 T-SQL Fundamentals*, by Itzik Ben-Gan



Demo: What’s the difference between CHAR and VARCHAR? and String Data Types in SQL Server: VARCHAR vs. CHAR

SQL Math: Whole Numbers, Real Numbers

How to Design and Build SQL Server Tables – (Part 1 , Part 2)

N Things Worth Knowing About SELECT and SELECT, Deconstructed

T-SQL: CASE Statement

Tip: Schema Qualify Objects in SPs

T-SQL for the Absentminded DBA


24 Hours of PASS Spring 2011 Code Sins (includes link to my Spring 2011 24HOP session “Code Sins” & related materials)

Forgotten T-SQL Cheat Sheet (includes links to my Fall 2010 24HOP session “Forgotten T-SQL” & related resources)

T-SQL Tuesday #016: Aggregates and Windowing Functions and Ranking! Yum!

N Things Worth Knowing About CTEs

MERGE Statement Corrected, or, How to Eat Crow in Public


SELECT: If ON preceeds JOIN, then how….

Happy Days,
Jen McCown

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*Disclosure: If you buy the book from the above link (my Amazon store), I get a very small percentage of the sale price. But I’m not otherwise affiliated, endorsed or paid by the publisher or author.

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  1. If you talk about the difference between CHAR and VARCHAR then Sean will have to come up with all new questions for when he interviews folks.

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