I Made You a Cheatsheet of Cool Things! #sqlpass

I made you something wonderful. It’s a cheatsheet for the PASS Summit, which has info about us (of course), about PASS, some helpful tips, and best of all a list of cool things happening at this year’s PASS Summit.

Choose your print-your-own flavor, or come and see me in person for the shiny postcard!

A few FAQ:

  • Print it! Fold it lengthwise, then in half again to make it sort of greeting-card shaped! (Or wait till you see me at the Summit, and get the shiny postcard verion.)
  • Not endorsed by PASS.
  • This lists days/times for most of the non-session events and Summit highlights. Check for the full schedule.
  • Yes, it’s totally self-serving to us. But that’s helpful to YOU, since all we do is teach and entertain. WIN-WIN!

Jen McCown

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