SQL Server 2012 RTM. Translation: SQL 12 is out now! (Virtual Launch event update)

Originally published March 6, now with Post-launch updates.

Just a quick note for you today: Microsoft announced that SQL Server 2012 (previously codenamed “Denali”) has released to manufacturing. pGo download the evaluation and play around with it on a test environment*, and impress your boss, friends, and children with your cutting-edge-ness. 

If you really want to impress them all, attend Wednesday’s virtual launch, too. You can’t beat 30+ free sessions.


So Wednesday was the official virtual launch – I’ve already said all I want about that! – but today we still have the SQLServerLaunch site to play in.

Watch a few videos, hit the Networking Lounge and chat up a few experts.  And be sure to hit the Expo Hall…click on PASS and watch the righthand video to see some of my bestest SQL friends talk about community!

Enjoy, and happy days!
Jen McCown

*Not. On. Production. NOT on production. Notonproduction. No. You want 2012 on a production environment, upgrade properly, my friend.

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  1. Yes. I am banging my head. How did you connect. Because I had registered before it will not let me register again. But the email that I received in response at that time only contains a link to the Virtual launch event page. I would appreciate if you can give me some directions.


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