SQL Server 2012 CU2 – Have a little fun (#AppliedSQL)

SQL Server 2012 Cumulative Update (CU) 2 is out! If you’re like Me-from-10-years-ago, you couldn’t care less!

But there are actually some good reasons for paying attention to new CUs.  For example: it’s one good way to get to know the new version of SQL Server: play with the bugs before you install the updates! (You DO have the new version of 2012 on a test box somewhere, right? If no, download a trial version from MS).

A lot of these bugs are pretty out there, though…how do we play around with “Access violation when you run a DAX or MDX query against a tabular model database through a BI semantic model connection in SQL Server 2012 “?  Yeah, that sounds easy to set up. 

Ooh, here’s a simple one! “Cannot show requested dialog” error message when you try to view properties of a database in a SQL Server 2012 instance.  Perfect.  So let’s just do what it says!  

  1. Create a new SQL user, “Test”.
  2. Create a new database, “TestDB”.
  3. Assign the user Test as the TestDB owner.
  4. Now, log into SSMS as Test, right click TestDB, and try to view properties.

Voila! You get the error! 

See the error! See the fix!

Then apply CU2 and try it again.

No, seriously…go do all this yourself. If you’re not in the habit of playing around with new versions of SQL, of the updates, of reproducing issues, this is the ideal first step.  Get in there and DO it, man.  Start to pay attention to and get passionate about the product you work with.

Happy days,
Jen McCown

3 thoughts on “SQL Server 2012 CU2 – Have a little fun (#AppliedSQL)”

  1. hi,
    nice post.
    Is there a way to subscribe to be notified about future CUs? I find that even after applying CU 2, I still have a bunch of issues w/ SSAS.

    thx much,

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