Bad business practices damage your company, KRG Technology

I just composed and sent this message to eleven members of a single California-based recruitment company. I’ll let the email speak for itself, but you, dear reader, should also know that the positions they reference range from Business Objects to Android programming, with nary a DB job in sight.

Dear KRGTech representatives,

In the last several months, all of you have emailed me again and again about available jobs in technology. NONE of these jobs are in my specialty, and NONE are in the area where I live. I have emailed to ask you to stop sending me these. I have called and told you to stop. I even yelled at one of you. You are still sending me these unwanted emails.

What you are doing is called spam – using email “to send unsolicited bulk messages, especially advertising, indiscriminately”. It’s infuriating.

But I won’t call or write you any more, or spend any more time being mad. Instead, I’ve put you all on a distribution list, and made a rule: any time one of you emails me, ALL of you will receive the email back (and I’ll never see it). Perhaps if you get enough of these bounced emails, you’ll see fit to remove me from your database forevermore, as I asked.

Find a better business model; you’re just alienating yourself and damaging your company.

This email will be made public in five online publications and a popular technology webshow, along with the name of your company.

Have a nice day,
Jennifer McCown
Microsoft SQL Server MVP

Jen here again. Yes, it’s petty, and yes, it’s a First World Problem. Spam also stupid and infuriating, and I firmly believe in a bit of light shenanigans to balance out the bad kharma, and better still, ease my overdeveloped sense of righteous indignation.

Happy days, kids…


Edit: Not surprisingly, I’m not the only one who is experiencing this. I somehow got another person’s email mixed in with the annoying recruiters, and she replied:

I agree with you and am tired of receiving responses. I am not employed by or wish to be affiliated with KRGTech. I have emailed requesting removal of my address and have not received any response. I am not one of the recruiters, just a fellow job searcher that’s email address has somehow gotten tied to the company. Thank you for sending this email.
<name redacted>

Of course, I removed her from the distribution list.

6 thoughts on “Bad business practices damage your company, KRG Technology”

  1. Jen —

    Why don’t you just set up an autopurge of their domain in your control panel? GoDaddy has this and I *LOVE* it. Anyone I don’t want to see or hear from again I simply banish them to the autopurge hell and their e-mail never sees my inbox. Not as good as hot sliced bread, but dang close.

  2. This company KRG technologies are certified spammers.. They spammed me with irrelevant job and when confronted them, they were rude..

  3. Haha, yes KRG Technologies is One of the worse Indian recruiting companies out there today. One of their ‘brilliant recruiters today emailed me a job…and exposed not only my email address but 748 other addresses. I mean come on, seriously? And I want my reputation tied to you why?

  4. I just had the pleasure of receiving irrelevant email from the eager workers at KRGTech and purging messages from five different “recruiters” within 50 minutes for the same position (not in my area). Ridiculous.

    1. I wonder if that’s the same set of emails I’ve been getting / ignoring / deleting on sight, each of which begins with a sentence containing the word “urgent”.


      “” Hm, might be time to pull out the distro list again…

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