Our weekly webshow starts Friday! #DBAsAtMidnight

Let’s pretend we’ve never met. Depending on who you are, maybe we haven’t. It’s beside the point, really.

So hi, I’m Jen McCown. My husband Sean and I are SQL Server people – between the two of us, we boast 1 MCM, 6 MVP awards, 25 years as DBAs, and approximately 200,000 strands of thick, luxurious hair.

We run a weekly webshow – “For DBAs, by DBAs” – that’s about to begin its fourth season, this Friday at 11:00pm Central time. OUR FOURTH SEASON!! We’re rather excited.  What can you expect if you drop in to view the show live?

  • The joys of preshow!
  • Live chat with us and other viewers.
  • Us being us…which is to say, pretty informal.
  • SQL and tech news in brief.
  • Tech tips and talks. Sometimes.
  • Book and product reviews and recommendations.
  • Rants, interview notes, awards, techie puppet shows and DBA Theatre.
  • Awards, both good and bad!
  • Foul language. Seriously, you might want to skip us if you’re not into rather strong words.

We had a nice break, but we’re really looking forward to Season 4. Join us Friday at webshow.MidnightDBA.com

In the meantime, check out back episodes of DBAs@Midnight at www.MidnightDBA.com, and drop a line in the comments below….what are you looking forward to in S4?

Happy days,
Jen McCown

2 thoughts on “Our weekly webshow starts Friday! #DBAsAtMidnight”

  1. I especially adore the pre shows. While I appreciate the necessity of the highest of production standards that Fredward imposes during the show proper, the intimacy of the pre-show gives it a certain honest and almost rustic air.

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