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Lose #5 Before #sqlpass

October 10, 2012 Community, News-ish, sqlserverpedia-syndication, SSC No Comments

Win Valuable Prizes!
Impress Your Friends!

This week we’re starting up a health and weight loss competition that I hereby dub #PASSGameOn, because it ends right before PASS Summit (no, you don’t have to attend PASS to participate). Tom LaRock (Twitter, blog)  and I are hosting!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Submit you PayPal payment of $21 to Jen@JenniferMcCown.com today. (You should know that about $20 of that goes into the pot, the extra $1 is to cover PayPal fees).
  2. Download the spreadsheet to track your score each week (spreasheet for 5 mealers, spreadsheet for 4 mealers).
  3. You’ll be invited to our private Facebook page (for communication and encouragement)…log on!
  4. Form into teams of 3 people.
  5. Get and glance over the book Game On! (optional), or see the rules below if you’re lazy, and get clarification from teammates and competitors.
  6. Thursday October 11, you start the game. (tomorrow!)  Report to your team lead at the end of each week; team leads will report all team scores on Facebook by day 2 of the following week.
  7. Kick butt, lose weight, win money.


Goal: To score as many points as possible. Individual and team point averages count toward cash prizes.

Daily Points:

  • 6 points each for 5 sanctioned* meals (or, choose to eat 4 meals a day at 7.5 points each, but stick with one model or the other: you’re a 4 mealer, or a 5 mealer);
  • 20 points for 20m exercise;
  • 10 points for drinkin 3L water (or 1/2 your body weight in ounces, whichever is less);
  • 15 points for 7H of sleep;
  • 20 points for eliminating one bad habit, and keeping up one good habit**;
  • 5 points for team communication.

Weekly exceptions: 1 day off, 1 meal off. No saving days/meals off between weeks.

Bonus: 10 points for turning in scores on time, 20% for losing 1% body weight.

Penalties: 10 points for snacking (a soda counts as a snack), 20 points for collusion (agreeing with another player to cheat); 25 point PER PORTION alcohol penalty. And each time you change your habit choices, you lose 50 points.

*A sanctioned meal on the Game On diet is an approved lean protein, healthy fat, carb, fruit and/or veg. You should really have the Game On book to refer to.

** Some options for bad habit: drugs, complacency, lying, negative self-talk, cursing, coffee, texting while driving, watching tv, mindlessly surfing the internet, video games, porn, etc. Good habits? Cooking, music, floss, yoga, meditate, journal, time with family, read books, vitamins, projects, etc.

Exceptions to the Book Rules

We’re making some changes to the by-the-book rules. 1, the water rule: your goal is half your weight (in ounces) or 3 liters, whichever is less. 2, you can choose 4 meals daily instead of 5.  3, we’re also taking out the rule that forbids alcohol if you don’t make weight.


You’ll participate both as an individual, and in a 3-man team.  Prizes are as follows:

  • Highest Team Score (20%)
  • Highest Individual Score (20%)
  • Highest Team Score – weekly (10%, 30% total)
  • Highest Individual Score – weekly (10%, 30% total)

Let’s say we get 21 people recruited at $20 each. We split them into 7 teams of 3 players each. The total pot is $420. The overall winning team would get $84 (split between 3 people, so each more than earned their original $20 back). The overall winning individual would earn $84 for themselves (which is the lion’s share of all prize monies). During the week the highest scoring team would earn $42 (split between 3 people) and the highest individual would earn $42.

What this means is that we could have a scenario where 3 people walk away with all the money, including one person who earns about $260 (the max any one person could earn under this format, 62.5% of the revenue, not too bad).

We could also have the situation where up to 17 people manage to earn money (3 different teams win each week, a 4th team could win it all, and one person on the fifth team could be individual champ). I like this situation as it keeps everyone involved.

Chances are we have a nice mix between 4 and 17 people earning some cash back.

 Important Notes on How to Play

Keep your own score with absolute integrity. It’s way too easy to overlook your own slipup, but that kind of selective blindness is most likely what got us all fat and/or out of shape in the first place. BE COMPLETELY HONEST, with yourself and your teammates.


Play all out.

There is no benefit for you in cheating at this game. No menefit for you and no benefit for your waistline.

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