Remembering Alan Weber, @Aauugold

We lost someone this week. We lost a fellow SQL-ite, a Twitterer, a DBAs@Midnight chatroom live chatter. We lost someone smart and funny, and I’m not remotely qualified to write his tribute…I only met him once or twice.

Last week, we saw Alan enter the chatroom mid-show, and we said our usual “aaaaauuuuGOLD!”  He said he’d been out for surgery, and we all chatted about that a bit, and then went on with the show. Today we heard online, from folk in his user group, that he’d died. It’s just like that, sometimes.

We didn’t know Alan well, like I said. We were always happy to see him Friday nights. I know that somewhere, people are missing him. I’m sorry he’s gone. I’m sorry for their loss. Ours, too.

We’ll hold a small tribute in the preshow tonight at If you want, come by at 10:30 Central time and join us.


2 thoughts on “Remembering Alan Weber, @Aauugold”

  1. Is the preshow with Alan’s tribute archived anywhere? Didn’t see this until today and as a former coworker of Alan’s I’d love to see the preshow.


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