The New is live!

GUYS! GUYS! GUYS!!!  We’ve finally completed the facelift that many of you have been begging (nagging, pining, etc.) for, for the last few years quite some time now.  The site is in early version, “just get it working right” mode. But you will notice:

  • You can view successfully in more than one version of more than one browser.
  • now works on mobile devices.
  • Menus don’t play hide-and-go-click any more.

As Sean put it: we’re not sitting on our laurels, either. We’ve got some really cool stuff planned for the coming weeks.

Definitely check it out, let us know if you see anything major (or minor) wrong. And hey, why not tell us what you like, as long as you’re there?


Happy, happy days,
Jen McCown

One thought on “The New is live!”

  1. Works in FireFox 19 & 20 and with Windows Phone 7.5. (Videos have to be downloaded…, no big deal…)

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