Summer absences, upcoming appearances, and…

It’s summer here in the northern hemisphere, and in Texas we’re getting 100F-plus weather pretty consistently. This brain-frying weather may help to explain how I managed not to bother letting anyone here on the Interwebs know that we were taking most of July and some of August off from all extracurricular database work. In this time, Sean and I have been working, brainstorming, vacationing, hanging with the kids, and just generally living.

TL;DR*: We’ve been ignoring the blog, webshow, etc. on purpose for half the summer.

But the new school year approaches, and several active SQL Saturdays and conferences are coming right up – including the just-finished Baton Rouge, and the upcoming Oklahoma City, Kansas City, PASS Summit, and Dallas. It’s time to get back into the game, time to read more, talk more, connect more.

It’s also time to webshow more! We’re starting season five of DBAs@Midnight on Friday, August 16 at 11pm Central time. Come see us then at!

In the meantime, here are a few suggestions on how to mine our existing resources:

  • Take a look at past webshows and technical tutorials at
  • Read back editions of my blog and Sean’s
  • Check out our career webinar, DBARoadmap – the first chapter’s free!

Already done all of that? Okay, here are a few great things we aren’t actually responsible forrate:

Happy Days,
Jen McCown

Here, have a panorama of a NM volcano's caldera
Here, have a panorama of a NM volcano’s caldera

*I find it slightly disturbing that Urban Dictionary had to specify “nerd” in the definition…

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