Expiration dates: SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2

milkSQL Server is a software product, right? And software has a history of having bugs, getting updates, and having support for when things go wrong.

If you’re not already aware, now is a good time to become aware that:

SQL Server has an expiration date

Okay, officially it’s not an “expiration” date, but it might as well be. SQL Server’s “best by” dates come in three categories:

  • Service Pack Support End Date
  • Mainstream Support End Date
  • Extended Support End Date

…all of which are exactly what they sound like.

Still have an instance of SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition? Service pack support ended in 2007, main support ended in 2011, and extended support ends in 2016.  SQL Server 2008 Standard? Mainstream ends this year!

I’ve already written about why you should really, really, really upgrade off of SQL Server 2000. Now is a good time to start planning your move off of SQL Server 2005, and to put a reminder in Outlook for your 2008 upgrade plans.

Further, more official-er reading:

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