#DBAsAtMidnight season 6 starts August 8!

Have you been feeling lonely on Friday nights? We know we have been.

Join us for the start of DBAs@Midnight Season 6 on August 8, 11pm Central time! It’s the only live weekly webshow by DBAs, for DBAs. It’s the only show first banned, then unbanned, in Canada! It’s the only webshow comprised of at least 20% pure fluffery!

And what’s more, we promise not to sing the intro this year!

  • Jazzy bass music…
  • The teaching, ranting, coughing, blogging, talking head, techie, so you can work show!
  • What did you say?
  • You’re that voice I’m hearing on the call…
    …For the looongest time!

See you at http://webshow.MidnightDBA.com!

Party on, Wayne.
Party on, Garth.


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One thought on “#DBAsAtMidnight season 6 starts August 8!”

  1. Squee! Welcome back!

    I’ve missed you guys! I’ve taken to reading MSSQLTips articles at lunch instead of watching your videos. I’ve attempted Stupid SSIS tricks. Emulated Weird Al by coming up with data songs. Tracked down DBA imposters on the greater interwebs…

    I may not watch live, but I like to watch. 😀


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