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DBAs@Midnight episode 9.1 is up! “Irritated Wordgasms”

New season, new format! Since it’s been such a rough year, we’re going the “kinder, gentler” route and paying homage to the gentlest, kindest person we know: Mr. Rogers! (Yeah, we’re doing this all season.)

Features this episode included singing (sorry), 10 DBA Words for Sex, the Meeting Room of Make Believe, news, and an award!

An interview with us!

unsplash_floridaKarla Landrum, who is organizing SQL Saturday Pensacola, was kind enough to do an interview with us and post it on her website!

So, go read the interview Karla did with us!

And while you’re at it, go read her interview with Tim Mitchell, too.

Well, off you go!


Time: an informal comparison

Me as a full time employee: “Oh wow, it’s afternoon already!!”

Me as an entrepreneur: “Oh hell, it’s afternoon already.”