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An interview with us!

unsplash_floridaKarla Landrum, who is organizing SQL Saturday Pensacola, was kind enough to do an interview with us and post it on her website!

So, go read the interview Karla did with us!

And while you’re at it, go read her interview with Tim Mitchell, too.

Well, off you go!


Time: an informal comparison

Me as a full time employee: “Oh wow, it’s afternoon already!!”

Me as an entrepreneur: “Oh hell, it’s afternoon already.”



PASS Summit 2016: Recommendations and Invitations (#sqlpass #sqlsummit)


The last week of October, we’ll be at the PASS Summit in Seattle, WA.  As some of you already know – and as I said last year and the year before – “this is the highlight of most SQL Server speakers’ years…a sort of educational, Christmassy nerdfest, with a feel of a class reunion mixed in.”  It’s gonna be a blast, again-again, and so here’s some of the stuff you should know about.

Edit for PSA: If you’re the type to get a flu shot, NOW would be a good time. #NerdFlu is a thing. Got to give the vaccination time to take effect!


You really ought to register, you know, and while you’re at it you might want to sign up for an all day pre-conference session (a “precon”).

Get on Twitter to connect with other attendees. #Summit16 is the official hashtag, but most of us tend to use the more general #sqlpass.

24 Hours of PASS – 24 hours of live, free webcasts – is September 7.

Taking part, if you can’t attend

The keynotes and luncheons are usually live broadcast, and you can order session recordings to cuddle up with at home. I suppose you can put on a kilt, go hit a karaoke bar with friends, drink too much, and contract the nerd flu, if it’ll make you feel more like you were at Summit. That’s what I’d do.

AND! PASS has announced that they will be live streaming keynotes, interviews, sessions, and lightning talks on PASSTV next week!

Some of the best stuff, if you’re there

I’ll update this section as new stuff is announced.


Right before the Summit starts:

  • There is no official #SQLLongRun this year that I know of, but I’m thinking of doing my own personal long run the Monday of the Summit. So, you know, that’s a thing.
  • Monday, October 24  (5-7pm), have a meetup with the MidnightDBAs at Top Pot Doughnuts on 5th Ave. Yes, it’s donuts for dinner, and we’re fine with that. Or consider it a sweet, sweet appetizer. Register now!
  • There’s also the Monday Night Networking Event that Steve Jones and Andy Warren put on. Sign up for a 15 minute spot and get in there!


During the Summit:


There are always more events, so keep an eye on Twitter (on the official #sqlsummit hashtag!) and on the Summit website for karaoke, Kilt Day, and more.

Happy days,
Jen McCown

P.S. For those who missed something in particular from this announcement, email or DM or email me with your questions. Apologies to the rest of you for the cryptic postscript.