Why won’t my SP work THIS time?

Quick test. Why won’t this return the string “Hi”?

 IF @Val = 'One'
 SELECT 'Hi' AS msg;
EXEC dbo.Testing @Val = 'One';

Try it yourself, and answer in the comments. I’ll update this (in comments) in a week or so with the answer, if no one’s gotten it.

And yes, I did this exact thing. You’re never too old to do something like this.

December: A two-line play.

“Wow! A family, a marathon, and two businesses! So how do you keep up with it all?” asked Twitter.

“Work-life balance,” she replied, glancing furtively at her sparsely populated blog.



(P.S. The latest blog on MinionWare.net, at least, is What Really Causes Performance Problems?)


Announcing Minion CheckDB release date!

productimg_checkdbMinionWare will release Minion CheckDB on Febuary 1, 2017!

Minion CheckDB 1.0

Minion CheckDB is the third piece of our free backup and maintenance tools, rounding out the list with Minion Backup and Minion Reindex. CheckDB will have the same native interface, the same configurability, and the same rich scheduling introduced in Minion Backup. And of course, it will have a the same kind of visionary features that users have come to expect from MinionWare products, like:

  • Rich logging
  • Automated rotating schedules for objects
  • Automated remote CheckDB operations
  • Automated choice of whether databases get a DBCC CheckDB operation, or a series of DBCC CheckTable operations
  • And much more!

Minion Backup 1.3

What’s more, we will also release Minion Backup 1.3 on that date! New MB features include:

  • Our new dynamic naming functionality (called named parts)
  • Improved restore process
  • Additional advances both for their own sake and to support Minion CheckDB


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