October precon in Orlando: “The Lifecycle Approach: Maintenance Problems & Solutions”

Florida!On October 7 we will be presenting a full day of maintenance and backup learnin’!

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sql-saturday-564-the-lifecycle-approach-maintenance-problems-solutions-tickets-26867268724

And while you’re at it, register for the free SQL Saturday Orlando that follows! http://www.sqlsaturday.com/564/eventhome.aspx

Abstract for “The Lifecycle Approach”

Database maintenance isn’t a single event; it’s a lifecycle. Aside from the maintenance event itself, there’s also reporting, error management, specialized configs, HA/DR and more.  In this full day session, we’ll explore the many issues surrounding maintenance and how to solve them in a way that is cohesive and comprehensive.  If you’re managing more than one server, come to this session.

Learn how to:

  • Deploy maintenance routines to hundreds of servers, effortlessly
  • Standardize configuration throughout the enterprise
  • Set up custom alerts and reports.
  • Manage HA/DR failover scenarios and keep your maintenance intact.
  • Minimize the number of jobs
  • Tune backups and database integrity checks

For maintenance, you’ll learn how to:

  • Order index operations to maintain the most important tables first
  • Maximize your maintenance window by fine-tuning your routine.
  • Handle the most difficult CheckDB scenarios with dynamic custom snapshots, multi-threading and CheckDB offloading.

And for backups specifically, you’ll learn to:

  • Automate management of failed backups
  • Ensure that certificates and encrypted passwords are securely backed up
  • Automate configuration changes between HA/DR sites, in case of failover
  • Turn trace flags on or off automatically

Conference speakers: Why do you teach at events?

I’ve put up a Twitter poll to find some answers to the question: Why do speakers teach at events? Especially at events where there’s no compensation.

I know more or less why I do this, but I’ll hold off on my answer. I want to hear about you.

An MCM teaches COMMENTS at SQL Saturday OKC


Edit: SQL Sat OKC has come and gone, but the new session on comments is recorded and up on the MidnightDBA Events page! (Direct link to WMV.)

Tomorrow (as of the blog’s publish date) at8:30am, I will be teaching “T-SQL’s Hidden Support Feature” at SQL Saturday Oklahoma City (totally free, did you know? Free IT training, y’all.)

I said in a recent blog about comments that this session started in my head years ago, and launched a few weeks ago when I was double-dog-dared to write it by Oklahoma City user group members.

I wrote the session in about an hour. It was that fully formed already.

WHY ON EARTH am I talking about comments, of all things? How too, too common, dahling.  Simply this: Comments give you the biggest possible ROI for code support.  Come by tomorrow (or see the recording afterward), and I’ll tell you why and how. 

See me, and maybe a couple of dozen other speakers, teaching all the things SQL Saturday OKC tomorrow.



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