DBA Roadmap sale

You know what?  Let’s put the DBA Roadmap Seminar on sale, just because it’s a nice day.

  1. Hit up www.DBARoadmap.com.
  2. Use the coupon code Half2015.
  3. Get half off.

I’ll keep this coupon code up for the rest of the summer, just because it’s a nice summer.

If 50% off of the seminar is too rich for your blood, then you should definitely check out the permanently-100%-off Minion Backup and Minion Reindex modules over on www.MinionWare.net.

Happy days,

Save the Date: MidnightDBAs on the road

We’re going to be all over the place in the coming months! Come and see us at any of these:

Minion Backup intro webinar June 3!

minionware_logoMinion Backup 1.0 is up and available for download as of now!

Minion Backup by MidnightDBA is a stand-alone database backup module.  Once installed, Minion Backup automatically backs up all online databases on the SQL Server instance, and will incorporate databases as they are added or removed.

Join the Minion Backup webinar on Wednesday June 3

Register today for our webinar, Introducing Minion Backup on Wednesday June 1 at 12:00 PM CDT. Sean will introduce Minion Backup, walk through demos, and take questions.

We released Minion Backup

It’s awesome. It’s huge. We actually managed to get everything we planned into version 1.0. Not everything we wanted, mind you: there’s still half a ton of features we have on the docket for the next few versions. But what we have done is still massive.

One short blog post won’t cover how revolutionary (yes, we’re serious: revolutionary) Minion Backup is. One job for all schedules, yes. Availability Group aware, check. Copy, move, mirror, compress, encrypt backups. Dynamic backup tuning. Backup archival. Custom retention settings. Extensive live logging. And on and on. Since we couldn’t cover it all here, we wrote 132 pages of documentation (available in DOCXPDF, and a zipped RTF), including a favorites feature list, a quick start, how to-s, and more.

While you’re at it, take a look at our several tutorial videos on MidnightDBA.com (or at YouTube.com/MidnightDBA if you prefer).

And oh by the way, what’s with “MinionWare”?

MidnightDBA is the banner for our free training. MidnighSQL Consulting, LLC is our actual consulting business. And now, we’ve spun up MinionWare, LLC as our software company. We released our new SQL Server management solution, Minion Enterprise, under the MinionWare banner. And now, all the little Minion guys will live together on www.MinionWare.net.

Minion Reindex, Minion Backup, and other Minion modules are, and will continue to be free. Minion Enterprise is real enterprise software, and we’d love the chance to prove to you that it’s worth paying for. Get in touch at www.MinionWare.net and let’s do a demo, and get you a free 90 day trial!

Happy days,
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