Learn Derived Columns in SSIS

OK, I posted the derived cols video like last week or so I think, but I'm only now getting around to doing the blog.  I do several per week so it's hard for me to get them all in there.

 Anyway, here's the vid location.  Derived Columns

Here you'll get the basics of working with derived cols and have some fun troubleshooting packages with them.  They can be quite handy.

Row Count Transform

Here's a really cool vid on using the row count transform in SSIS. 


Windows Performance Monitoring: Part 1

I've added a video for Windows Performance Monitoring basics.  This video is for those who don't know much, if anything, about tasklist, perfmon, counters, etc.

This is a live presentation I gave here in Dallas.

Enjoy, and here's your link to the vid.


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