Grant Schema Permissions in Powershell

This is another excellent video that shows the power of powershell in SQL administration.  I love this video because it’s a very common scenario and keeps you from writing a SQL cursor.  This is one of my favorites.

Here's the vid.

Sending HTML SQL Emails

I’m actually excited to be able to bring you this video because this is a topic that comes up quite often in DBA circles.  The topic is how do you format a nice HTML email that you send through SQL.  Being able to return a query as the body of an email comes in handy all over the place.  I really hope you guys get as much out of this as I do.

Here's the vid.

Commenting Tribal Knowledge in SPs

There is a lot of tribal knowledge that accumulates in any organization.  Here I discuss some ways to document your SPs so you can start to record some of this information.  Your SPs will be more supportable, easier to update, and you’ll take hours or sometimes days off of a re-design or support effort.  You won’t be sorry you started doing this.

Here's the vid.

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