Session: Introduction to Powershell Cmdlets for DBAs

I’ve given my new Powershell Cmdlets for DBAs session a handful of times now, and just realized I haven’t blogged about it!

Abstract: You’ve been hearing about this newfangled craze, and it’s time to learn exactly why it’s called POWERshell. You’ll want to take notes, or better yet, bring your laptop and start using Powershell immediately. We will get Posh running and then I’ll introduce you to the basic concepts, with examples to make things happen right away. We’ll work on SQL Server with Powershell, and learn some cool techniques. Come see this all-demo, hands-on session!

Comments:  This is totally a beginner session. We start by talking about what Powershell is and why it’s awesome, and get into the most basic of basics:

  • write output to the screen
  • aliases
  • connecting to SQL Server from Powershell
  • getting help
  • playing with cmdlet options
  • write to files
  • piping
  • variables

and on and on.

Enjoy, send me questions and feedback, all that jazz. Happy days!
Jen McCown

Download Minion Reindex FREE at

Minion Reindex is here

We released Minion Reindex by MidnightDBA unto the world, accompanied by a press release on, and people have responded so incredibly positively. We’re quite literally thrilled.

Webinar Today!

Before I get to anything else: set up an alert for our Minion Reindex Intro Webinar TODAY (Monday, October 27, 2014) at 12:00 PM Central time. Sean will introduce Minion Reindex, walk through demos, and take questions.

People say nice things about Minion

Some feedback so far:

The configuration options are pretty powerful and more open than what I’d expected from a free tool. The ability to override down to the table level is pretty cool, as are the pre/post script options at that level. …it’s very apparent that Jen & Sean put quite a bit of thought and time into making this a very configurable and useful tool.
– Peter Schott

Using @MidnightDBA#MinionReindex on a DW instance and I like the history and progress information
Thomas LeBlanc

Reviewing #MinionReindex docs. @MidnightDBA did great work putting this together! Very impressive!
Andy Yun

The very first question in response to the SSC article was, “What are the benefits over what Ola’s maintenance script is already providing?”  The longer answer is there on SSC (and the really long answer is our 61 page product documentation), but the short answer is: it does more of what WE as DBAs and consultants want our routine to do. I want fewer jobs, better configuration options, database and table ordering, live insight while the routine is running. So, that’s what we made.

So now we’re relaxing after the crunch of the “OH YEAH WE GOTTA MAKE SURE THIS IS READY” release atmosphere. And, sure, obsessing a little about tweets and comments and download counts.

Go do things

If you’re interested in using or playing with Minion Reindex:

  • Download the module at
  • And while you’re there, check out the awesome documentation
  • Maybe fill out a feature request
  • Or subscribe to the newsletter

If you already love Minion Reindex and want more people to love it too, consider these options:

  • Shout it out on Twitter (#MinionReindex)
  • Write a blog
  • Or an article
  • Put it on your slide deck
  • Announce it at your user group
  • Rent a billboard
  • Shave the name into your dog
  • Chisel the words in letters 100 feet tall on the mountains of your homeland

Pretty much any of those would be great, if you’re so inclined.


Happy days,
Jen McCown

P.S. Andy Yun asked about the licensing models listed in the EULA, which mentions a Standard and Enterprise edition (in addition to the Free model). Just so you know: Minion Reindex is free. It will always be free. But someday, it will also be a component in a larger product, with an expanded feature list. The Standard/Enterprise wording is there just for the future.

Minion Reindex arrives this Friday!

Edit: Minion Reindex has arrived, and it’s getting fantastic notes!

The MidnightDBA team is announcing the release of a new, free index maintenance solution for SQL Server: Minion Reindex by MidnightDBA.  We designed Minion Reindex to solve all of the reindexing headaches we’ve experienced at dozens and dozens of client sites.

The Bottom Line

Your databases need index maintenance for optimal performance, and most shops don’t have a decent solution in place.  Minion Reindex is extremely simple to implement, and deeply configurable. Junior DBAs will love the ease of use, and expert data professionals will love the extensive settings and features available.

Read more on the Minion Reindex page:

  • Check out the full features list.
  • Get the download link there starting on Friday, October 24, 2014.
  • Join us for the Minion Reindex webinar Monday, October 27.
  • See documentation and tutorials as they come in!

You can ask questions and follow along with the discussion on Twitter using the #MinionReindex hashtag.

Stay tuned for the best thing index maintenance has ever seen…


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