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PASS Summit 2016: Recommendations and Invitations (#sqlpass #sqlsummit)


The last week of October, we’ll be at the PASS Summit in Seattle, WA.  As some of you already know – and as I said last year and the year before – “this is the highlight of most SQL Server speakers’ years…a sort of educational, Christmassy nerdfest, with a feel of a class reunion mixed in.”  It’s gonna be a blast, again-again, and so here’s some of the stuff you should know about.

Edit for PSA: If you’re the type to get a flu shot, NOW would be a good time. #NerdFlu is a thing. Got to give the vaccination time to take effect!


You really ought to register, you know, and while you’re at it you might want to sign up for an all day pre-conference session (a “precon”).

Get on Twitter to connect with other attendees. #Summit16 is the official hashtag, but most of us tend to use the more general #sqlpass.

24 Hours of PASS – 24 hours of live, free webcasts – is September 7.

Taking part, if you can’t attend

The keynotes and luncheons are usually live broadcast, and you can order session recordings to cuddle up with at home. I suppose you can put on a kilt, go hit a karaoke bar with friends, drink too much, and contract the nerd flu, if it’ll make you feel more like you were at Summit. That’s what I’d do.

AND! PASS has announced that they will be live streaming keynotes, interviews, sessions, and lightning talks on PASSTV next week!

Some of the best stuff, if you’re there

I’ll update this section as new stuff is announced.


Right before the Summit starts:

  • There is no official #SQLLongRun this year that I know of, but I’m thinking of doing my own personal long run the Monday of the Summit. So, you know, that’s a thing.
  • Monday, October 24  (5-7pm), have a meetup with the MidnightDBAs at Top Pot Doughnuts on 5th Ave. Yes, it’s donuts for dinner, and we’re fine with that. Or consider it a sweet, sweet appetizer. Register now!
  • There’s also the Monday Night Networking Event that Steve Jones and Andy Warren put on. Sign up for a 15 minute spot and get in there!


During the Summit:


There are always more events, so keep an eye on Twitter (on the official #sqlsummit hashtag!) and on the Summit website for karaoke, Kilt Day, and more.

Happy days,
Jen McCown

P.S. For those who missed something in particular from this announcement, email or DM or email me with your questions. Apologies to the rest of you for the cryptic postscript.

Catch The Enterprise Scripting Workshop in Orange County, Baton Rouge, Albany, or Atlanta this year!

Explaining all the things
Explaining all the things

Sean and I have put together our bazillion (read: like 30 combined) years of SQL Server DBA-ing into one big, shiny pre-conference session that’s coming at you in multiple states of the union!

The Enterprise Scripting Workshop. What on earth is that about, anyway?  The short version is that we teach you the philosophy of managing a SQL shop, not Server By Agonizing Server (SBAS), but with a true enterprise mindset. And no, you do not have to know Powershell before you attend, but it can certainly help.

Our Chicago class this year rated the session at an average 9.4 out of 10! Just a few of the feedback comments from attendees:

I really enjoyed the day, gave me some good perspective…

Great session. I was afraid it was going to be just a bunch of scripting with various languages …It was so much more!

Nice answering of questions with reasons not just one-sided opinions.

Good team work! Hope to attend your sessions in future.

It’s a fun class, and Sean and I really enjoy it too!


The database administrator (DBA) life can be frustrating: You rarely have time to innovate because the same tasks fill up your time day after day. Your users are unhappy about how long it takes to resolve “simple” tickets. You need to put big items on hold to manage special requests. As careful as you are, mistakes creep in the busier you get.

In the pre-conference workshop, learn how to develop enterprise scripts with a huge range of uses. A good set of reusable scripts can reduce task time from hours or days to just a few minutes, and eliminate mistakes from your environment.

  • Enterprise philosophy: Tackle simple tasks with the whole environment in mind.
  • Single data store: Define the benefits and uses of a single central database for common-use data and metadata.
  • Choice of tools: Choose the best tool (e.g., PowerShell, T-SQL, SSIS) for the job.
  • Environment ground work: Prepare your environment for enterprise scripting.
  • Real-world scripts: Work through dozens of enterprise scripting issues (e.g., alerting, error handling, multiple SQL versions) as you develop a real enterprise script in class

This session is for DBAs with a basic understanding of PowerShell. It’s for anyone who touches backups or security, maintains databases, troubleshoots performance, monitors disk space, or any of a hundred other DBA tasks. Enterprise scripting is for anyone who has more tasks than time.


The morning will be spent largely in discussion and lecture, so the attendee has solid scripting principles to build upon. The afternoon session will be spent largely in actual enterprise script development.

  • Morning
    • Introducing your enterprise
    • Enterprise philosophy
    • The ideal SQL shop
    • Elements of enterprise scripts
  • Afternoon:
    • T-SQL and regular expressions
    • Developing the Script
    • Applying RegEx


If you’re dying to get started without us, take a look at a few related resources:

Happy days, and see you soon!
Jen McCown

Where in the world are Jen and Sean?

Always having fun with tech
Always having fun with tech

Updated with more SQL Saturdays!

Well hi there, folks. A month slips by so very fast.

Here is your January report on what we’re up to, and where we’re going to be in the near future. What are we up to? Minion, of course! Also, Minion, and some Minion. In our spare time, we Minion. (The latest update to our upcoming Minion Enterprise release is the auto-scripting of SQL Agent jobs. Awww, yissss.)

Done: THIS VERY WEEKEND we will be speaking and sponsoring SQL Saturday Austin. So if you like free training and SQL enthusiasts, head out. Be sure to drop by our booth, get stickers, and talk ME!

The schedule so far:

We’re looking at adding more dates and more precons. If you’d like to see us at your event – precon, speaking, and/or sponsoring – let us know on Twitter or in email, kay?

And if you’re not hitting any of these, pick your own SQL Saturday!