Grilled Ribs

Grilled Ribs

Today we’re making grilled pork ribs.  Only we don’t do it like so many others do.  I don’t like to smoke my ribs for hours and hours.  I prefer to grill them for a short time to get a lovely grill tasts as well as a mild char and then finish them in the oven.  I also don’t like to use lots of spices.  For my ribs, unless I’m making a specific recipe, I only use salt and pepper on my ribs.

We made hotdogs with these ribs and they were incredible.  You’ll never eat those nasty hoofdogs again.

Pork or beef ribs
Course black pepper

1. Preheat the grill to around 400F.
2. After seasoning the ribs, put them on the grill until they’re a lovely brown color.  Then turn them over and brown the other side as well.  Be sure to watch out for flare-ups.  With the fat on the ribs the flames may burn them, so watch out and control it.
3. Take ribs off the grill and bake them in the oven in a pan with about an inch of water and cover with foil.
4. It’ll probably take about 2hrs for the ribs to finish, but take them out when the meat comes off the bone easily.

1.  Taste the juice when you get the ribs out of the oven.  If it’s not bitter, then feel free to reduce it by around half and dip your ribs in it.  You can even thicken it a bit if you like.
2.  If you want to add even more to your sauce, then add some garlic to the water when you put the ribs in the oven and it’ll be great in the sauce.
3.  You can also use roasted garlic and a little honey and that would be fabulous.


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