Veggie Roast

Veggie Roast

We love Love LOVE a good veggie roast, and this one always pleases.  Here we get away from those boring baked veggies that everyone calls veggie roast, and we move into lovely dark, flavorful fully roasted veggies.  The good news here is that there’s no real recipe.  It’s more of a technique than anything.

Here we’re going to cook with really high heat under the broiler so we get a nice char on our veg, just like you would with steak.  You’ve never had anything like this and the flavors are so dark and rich you’ll find yourself overeating every time you have this.  But don’t worry, since it’s only veg, have all you want.  There’s absolutely no penalty here so pig-out.

The key here is to cook the veg to your own liking.  If you don’t like them as dark as we make them then don’t cook them that dark.  But I’d say give it a chance.  You’ll find it’s quite nice.  But this is a method you can make all yours and get the exact roast you like.



Any or all of these, and anything else you can think of.  The only caveat is that they have to be fresh.

Brussel sprouts
Sweet potatoes
Fresh garlic
Hot peppers of your choice

Leafy things like spinach and the like just don’t do as well with this method so I’d leave that out.  Stick to something with some density.


  1. Lightly oil and then salt/pepper the veg.
  2. Put under a really hot broiler and check every 5-10mins.
  3. Turn as needed to darken on all sides.
  4. Take pieces out as they’re done.



  1. If you don’t like your veg as dark, then take them out sooner.
  2. If you like them only dark on one side, then don’t turn them to darken them on all sides.
  3. You can mix curry paste with a little veg stock and toss the veg in it.  You can do the same with roasted garlic.


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