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8/10/09 interview with “PR In Your Pajamas”

Here are a few of Sean's articles on InfoWorld.

11/3/08 - Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is the best SQL Server yet

6/4/08 - Oracle Database 11g shoots the moon

4/9/07 - Altova DatabaseSpy makes DBs user-friendly

8/14/06 - Inside IBM DB2 Viper (PDF)

5/1/06 - IBM DB2 "Viper" revs XML engine

2/13/06 - Imperva keeps database activity in check

1/2/06 - Data protection and change control drive database developments

11/7/05 - SQL Server 2005 piles it on

8/15/05 - AppDetective sleuths out vulnerabilities

1/28/05 - Crystal shows a new sheen

4/23/04 - Will Yukon strike XML gold?

4/23/04 - Databases flex their XML

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Ground-Zero PowerShell for the SQL Server DBA: Part 1

Powershell for Complete Beginners: Part 1

Beginning Powershell for DBAs 101 Filmed as a contributer for

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