Multi-threading: CheckDB

In Minion CheckDB you can process many databases at the same time. Let me show you how to easily setup Minion CheckDB to run a multi-threaded CheckDB run. If you’ve got the resources, you can process databases much faster now. To download Minion CheckDB and to see full docs, go to

Notes for this video:

MC allows you to process multiple databases at once. If you have a lot of horsepower on the server, go for it. WARNING: We don’t try to save you from yourself. It’s possible to overpower your server with multithreading, which may bring the box to a screeching halt. So, inch up the resources, try it on the weekends.

Use Minion.CheckDBMaster @NumConcurrentProcesses (or NumConcurrentOps in Minion.CheckDBSettingsServer) to set multithreading.

While the CheckDB processes are running, you can see the multiple threads running at once in the Minion.CheckDBLogDetails table. And, you can see the temporary jobs created to run each CheckDB thread.

So if you have 8 databases and you set @NumConcurrentProcesses = 4, as each database completes it will start up a new thread, so that it’s always processing 4 databases at once (until it runs out of DBs).

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