PASS Summit #SQLRun 2017

Every year at the PASS Summit, there’s at least one #SQLRun during the week – a 5k walk-or-run for folks to do before the conference day gets going. It’s unofficial and community driven.

So, here are the details!

  • When: Wednesday at 6am – and for many folks, Thursday and Friday at 6am, too
  • Where: in front of the conference center, at Pike & 7th (see image below)
  • Where to: Down to the waterfront and back! Reference this runmeter map, and these simple directions:
    • we run down Pike toward the waterfront,
    • past the old “gum wall”
    • down a set of stairs
    • across the street
    • turning right on Alaska way
    • and turning around to go back the way we came at about the 1.55 mile mark (which falls inside Myrtle Edwards Park).
The steps in front of the convention center, where we meet
The steps in front of the convention center, where we meet

That’s about it. Go if you like, run with folks you’ve never met before, have fun.

Questions? Leave a comment or check out the #SQLRun tag on Twitter.


Happy days,

Two new DBAs@Midnight Episodes (“Invisible Mask” and “We’re paying 8K”)

DBAs@Midnight 9.4 – Invisible Mask

We have punful letters from our friends, a letter from Elon Musk (not to us). We talk about the Equifax breach. Sean sings a brand new interview song-rant! (It’s kind of like listening to Dr. Cox in the musical version of Scrubs.)

BY THE WAY, will you be in Seattle for PASS Summit 2017? If so, check out our Monday night donut meetup!

DBAs@Midnight 9.5 – We’re paying 8K

In this show:

A skit
A song
“It was spontaneous when I rehearsed it!”
What is a basic?
Good interviewing advice
And, of course, more.


DBAs: learn and network with PASS

I wrote an email to a group of PASS Summit first timers, and then realized this is good information for the world at large. This week’s first timer theme is “Tips for getting involved in the PASS community. Local Groups, Virtual Groups, SQLSaturdays, Twitter, Slack, volunteering and so on.”

  • I have mentioned, I think, that you should get on Twitter and start following speakers and authors and suchlike. That’s point one. I don’t use Slack, so someone else can educate me on the matter.
  • You very likely have a local user group near you, that can be of good value. Find out here.
  • There are regular, free talks online through the PASS virtual groups.
  • I’ve volunteered at an event or two, and it can be fun. More on volunteer stuff here.

Get involved, at least a little

I don’t personally think you have to do all of the above, plus speak, plus run around to half a dozen SQL Saturdays every year…but if it’s your thing, do it! Otherwise it is a good idea to pick up something through the rest of the year.

I’ve been around the techie circles, and for some reason the SQL Server techies tend to be the friendliest and most involved. Even when I was working for the Microsoft support lines, I was surprised to find that ours (SQL) was the absolute chillest group.

Networking…what does that mean?

Also: I’ve always found the term “networking” to be odd and vague. There’s a reason for that: it covers a lot of ground. Networking really does mean getting to know people, getting in contact with people, and (ergh I’m going to say the phrase) building relationships, both for their own sake, and with the possibility in mind that one of you could do the other person some good. That might mean an introduction somewhere, or finding out about a new resource, getting the answer to a question, or a lead on a new job.

In short: get yourself involved, somewhere. It does a body good.

Real news, real tech.