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We’ve cleared a full day – Tuesday, June 30 – for giving free 30 minute demos of Minion Enterprise, our SQL Server enterprise management system.

What do we mean by “enterprise management”? Among other things, we mean:

  • Gathering and expanding AD group information to find out exactly who has SA on your servers. (We’re VERY excited about this new feature; read on at the end of this article.)
  • Collecting disk space usage data across the enterprise.
  • Setting and enforcing sp_configure values from a central location, for all your instances.
  • And about a thousand other things.

We will set up as many 30 minute demos during June 30 as the day allows, and answer your individual questions. Sign up now! We’ll get with you ASAP to nail down a specific time. (And if you can’t make it on June 30, just let us know of a better day in the form comments.)

Update: Registration closes on June 29, at 8:00pm Central Time. After that, just leave a comment or find me on Twitter, and we’ll set up a demo on another day.

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Now, about that AD Expansion…

The AD expansion module allows you to query a specific user, and find out which SQL Server instances they have permissions in. What’s more, it tells you where they got those permissions.

So for example, user “Jim” has rights to 7 SQL Server instances:

  • Server1 – as Jim
  • Server2 – through the Sales AD group.
  • Server3 – through the Marketing AD group.
  • Server4 – through the Region1 AD group, but not directly; Region1 is part of the Marketing group.

And so on.

With the AD expansion module, you’re able to see how many servers he can get into, and through what groups. Minion Enterprise even shows you the nested chains of ownership. So, for Server4 above, you would see something like this:

Sales < Marketing < Region1 < Jim

You not only see that he’s got rights, but also which AD group chain gave him those rights.

We’re pretty excited about this new functionality. Now let us show it to you!

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The training: it is in The Cloud
The training: it is in The Cloud

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