24 Hours of PASS Spring 2011 Code Sins

Here is all the things related to the most awesome Code Sins session I gave at 24 Hours of PASS Spring 2011.  Thanks to the 750+ of you that attended, and the many who commented!!  I will be updating this blog post with links and answers to questions for a few days yet.

The 24HOP recorded sessions will be available sometime in the next few weeks. In the meantime, feel free to check out the Code Sins session I gave at SQL Saturday Houston this year (good session, crappy recording), or Code Sins 2010 from at SQL Saturday #41 Atlanta (here’s that version’s slide deck).


Here is the Code Sins 24HOP Spring 2011 zip file! The file contains the SQL files and PowerPoint deck you saw online. 


Here are some links and recommendations I promised during the session.


I cannot reccommend Itzik Ben-Gan’s books highly enough. Depending on your level and your needs, you should get at one (or more) of his T-SQL books. (Link goes to my Amazon store, but of course order from wherever you like):

T-SQL Fundamentals

T-SQL Querying

T-SQL Programming

I have a few resources out there for you, too:

To get started in T-SQL coding, check out my Beginning T-SQL session from SQL Saturday #41 Atlanta (2010). Download the slide deck.

For a step up in T-SQL coding, see my 24 Hours of PASS Fall 2010 session T-SQL Brush-up (requires PASS login). Download the demo code here.

Here’s my Petri article on string type basics: String Data Types in SQL Server: VARCHAR vs. CHAR, 6/2010

We have about a dozen T-SQL tutorials on MidnightDBA.com in the Dev Section

On UNIQUEIDENTIFIERs (GUIDs), here is one of Kimberly Tripp’s blogs: Disk Space is Cheap (THAT’S NOT THE POINT!!) One of the best quotes is from one of her comments: “There are situations where people insist that they MUST use a GUID for those, there’s the newsequentialID function.” See also (from Kimberly):

GUIDs as PRIMARY KEYs and/or the clustering key

The Clustered Index Debate Continues…

Ever-increasing clustering key – the Clustered Index Debate……….again!


If you’ve hardly heard of normal forms or design principles, check out my Petri articles How to Design and Build SQL Server Tables – Part 1 and Part 2


Here’s an absolutely brilliant editorial on cursors by Phil Factor

A SQLTeam blog confirming that WHILE isn’t better than CURSOR

My blogs on performance, views, and nested views: Proving Views Can Hurt Performance, Detangling Nested Views

I recommended the book SQL Server 2008 Query Performance Tuning Distilled by Grant Fritchey and Sajal Dam (my book review)

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Aaaaaand here’s the quick About Me (sort of a summary of the About Me page):

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