Hi, I’m Jen, and The MidnightDBA Star-Times is my blog. Here I talk about SQL Server and other tech topics, plus MidnightDBA news and SQL community updates.

I’m a SQL Server Microsoft Certified Master, consultant, and DBA. I own MidnightSQL Consulting and MinionWare, and am Senior Editor at MidnightDBA.com, where we create technology tutorials, articles, and the DBAs@Midnight webshow. In 2013, I formulated and produced the community-written book Tribal SQL. I’m a member, volunteer, and speaker for the Professional Association for SQL Server. I have presented at numerous SQL Saturdays, conferences, and online training events worldwide.


The all-for-free MidnightDBA was the brainchild of my husband Sean McCown, who joined me on the consulting side – MidnightSQL – in 2013:

We launched MinionWare in 2015, releasing Minion Reindex, Minion Backup, and Minion Enterprise for your database enjoyment.


What I Do

Here’s a nice organized list of some the techie-nerd things I do online:

Blog This blog, SQL Awesomesauce (syndicated on SQLServerPedia.com and SQLServerCentral.com
Videos MidnightDBA.com training videos. I highly recommend my Beginning T-SQL for SQL Server newbies and as a review for experienced folk.
Webshow The DBAs at Midnight webshow, with me and Sean. We broadcast live Friday nights at 11pm CST. We talk about tech and community topics late at night; we’re usually punchy so it’s pretty funny. (Also available as a feed.) Previews available on our YouTube channel.
Podcast The MidnightDBA Blogcast, my audio only podcast. I read you blogs: Mine, Sean’s, and the occasional guest post.
Twitter and LinkedIn I keep up the @MidnightDBA Twitter feed with updates and fun-fun-fun. And I’m on LinkedIn occasionally.
Swag I create t-shirts and mugs for the MidnightDBA Zazzle store. All proceeds go to fund our giveaways (we don’t profit)
Reviews ITBookworm.com, currently under construction (again). Check out our 2009 gift review for some of our favorite tech toys.
Petri IT Knowledgebase As of May 2010, Sean and I are writers and forum moderators at Petri.co.il, the IT Knowledgebase.  Check out the press release on StreetInsider!

And here are some of the things I do IRL:

For more about us personally, see our “Who Are the MidnightDBAs“.


In addition to finding me at various SQL Saturdays and PASS Summit, there are a few ways to reach me:


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