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An interview with us!

unsplash_floridaKarla Landrum, who is organizing SQL Saturday Pensacola, was kind enough to do an interview with us and post it on her website!

So, go read the interview Karla did with us!

And while you’re at it, go read her interview with Tim Mitchell, too.

Well, off you go!


Save the Internet

CallThe Internet we know is going away, unless we save it.

No, I’m not kidding. I’m not exaggerating. Net Neutrality says that internet providers have to treat everything on the internet equally, instead of blocking or charging more or whatever the hell else big, for-profit companies are absolutely dying to do.

Make three calls

The website Five Calls does an outstanding job of walking you through the process of, in this case, calling to save Net Neutrality, with a script and phone numbers and all. Do it today, do it now.

Call your reps about Net Neutrality.

Steal this blog, please

Feel free to copy and paste this blog post, and you don’t have to worry about attribution. This stuff is important. Get the word out.

A good summary

Webinar: Introducing Minion CheckDB!


Minion CheckDB is available for download as of February 1, 2017!

In celebration, we’re having a Minion CheckDB webinar on two different days:

And, we will be giving away 3 licenses of Minion Enterprise to one lucky winner* at each webinar. Must be present to win! 

Save the Feb 1 event to your calendar: Outlook (ics)

Save the Feb 3 event to your calendar: Outlook (ics)

Minion CheckDB completes the MinionWare maintenance and backups suite in style. Each solution is plug-and-play for the busy DBA, and deeply configurable for those shops with in-depth needs.

This new module is MinionWare’s most ambitious free release yet, featuring all of the rich scheduling and logging functionality in previous products, plus remote CheckDB, multithreading, custom snapshots, rotational scheduling, and more.

In this webinar we’ll show you how this FREE tool by MinionWare can meet your needs with almost effortless management. You are going to LOVE it.


*(Giveaway offer is not open to previous ME winners.)