PASS Summit 2012 Schedule

Each year, I like to compile my own shortcut, cheat sheet version of the PASS Summit schedule. I’m not talking about the actual session schedule – we have a perfectly good schedule builder on, so that’s covered. I’m talking about social events, luncheons, keynotes, parties, special days…pretty much everything that’s NOT a session or precon. It really helps you plan your week. (Speaking of which, you can find all of my PASS Summit-related advice here.)

I’ll have this in printable format at least 2 weeks before the Summit, so you can carry it around with you. Come to think of it, I’ll make sure to publish a format you can keep on your smart phone.

If you’d like to add something to this, or I’ve made a mistake, leave me a comment here!

Before PASS: See the Connect page, and join the First-Timers program (for first-time attendees). Get on Twitter!  On 10/17, see Denny Cherry’s Webcast: SQLPASS 2012 First-Timers.  And of course, check back here for more updates, and for this compiled schedule to be converted into a handy-dandy cheat sheet!

Before arrival: You’ll probably want to know how to get from here to there, so check out Visit Seattle‘s “Getting Around” page, or just do what most do and familiarize yourself with the Link light rail.  Sure kids, that’s what Jenny does! (Actually, I do.)

Oh, and since you’re here, why don’t you have a 15% off coupon code for our DBARoadmap career webinar? That code is Discount15AwwwYeahhh.  Check out for a free sample track, and to order! You know, if you want it.  Now, back to the free stuff…

Sunday November 4
Time TBD Photowalk   #1  with Pat Wright
5:00pm-8pm Registration
Monday November 5 Precon   day 1
7:00am-5:00pm Registration *Pre-Con Registration only from   7.00am-8.30am
8:30am-5:00pm Pre-Conference Seminars
6:00pm-9:00pm Networking Dinner with Steve Jones and Andy Warren
12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch *Monday Pre-Conference attendees.
Tuesday November 6
Time TBD Photowalk   #2 with Pat Wright
7:00am-7:00pm Registration
8:30am-4:30pm Pre-Conference Seminars
12:00-1:00pm Lunch * Tuesday Pre-Conference attendees.
1:00pm-4:45 pm Professional Development/Networking   Workshops #1-4 (See First Timer   page)
5:30pm-6:30pm First-Timers Orientation Meeting
6:30pm-8:00pm PASS Summit   2012 Welcome Reception and QuizBowl
8:00pm-11:00pm Red-Gate/SSC Exceptional DBA Awards   Party (Ticket required)
Wednesday November 7 SQL   Saturday shirt day
6:30am PASS   Summit 2012 #SQLRUN with Jes Borland
6:30am-6:15pm Registration
8:15am-10:00am Keynote-Ted Kummert, Microsoft VP
10:00am-4:00pm Exhibit Hall
11:30am-1:30pm PASS   Chapters Luncheon
6:15pm-9:15pm Exhibitor   Reception
10:00pm-? #SQLKaraoke at   Bush Gardens
Thursday November 8 Kilt Thursday, hosted by Grant Fritchey and clan
6:45am-8:10am Breakfast   Presentation (Rm 3AB) by SIOS Technology/Fusio-io, RSVP required
7:00am-5:00pm Registration
8:15am-10:00am Keynote-Quentin Clark, Microsoft VP
10:00am-5:00pm Exhibit Hall
11:30am-1:30pm Women   in Technology Luncheon and Panel-Sponsored by SQLSentry
6:30pm-8:30pm Colorado   PASS Summit 2012 Dinner with Chris Shaw and Steve Wake
7:00pm-10:00pm Community Appreciation Party-Sponsored by   PASS and Microsoft
10:00pm-? #SQLKaraoke   at Bush Gardens, probably.
Friday November 9
7:00am-5:30pm Registration
10:00am-2:00pm Exhibit Hall
11:30am-1:00pm Birds   of a Feather Luncheon

Happy days,
Jen McCown

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