Stuff I’m Doing

Hi, I’m Sean, and DBA Rant is my blog. Here I talk about SQL Server and other tech topics, plus MidnightDBA news and SQL community updates. Together, my wife Jen McCown and I video and write and run all things MidnightDBA.

What I Do

Here’s a list of all the things I do online:

Blog This blog, DBA Rant
Videos training videos
Webshow The DBAs at Midnight webshow, with me and Jen. We talk about tech and community topics late at night; we’re usually punchy so it’s pretty funny. (Also available as a feed.) Previews available on our YouTube channel.
Petri IT Knowledgebase As of May 2010, Jen and I are writers and forum moderators at, the IT Knowledgebase.
InfoWorld Magazine I’ve been contributing editor and the sole database expert for InfoWorld Magazine for 7 years; my latest article (as of 6/28/10) is Seven reasons to care about SQL Server 2008 R2
Other Online Material Other online presentations and articles:

Twitter, LinkedIn, FB Jen keeps up the @MidnightDBA Twitter feed with updates and whatever. I’m on LinkedIn and Facebook, but only very seldomly.
Swag We create t-shirts and mugs for the MidnightDBA Zazzle store. All proceeds go to fund our giveaways (we don’t profit)
Reviews, currently under construction (again). Check out our 2009 gift review for some of our favorite tech toys.

And here are some of the things I do IRL:

For more about us personally, see our “Who Are the MidnightDBAs“.


In addition to finding me at various SQL Saturdays and PASS Summit, there are a few ways to reach me:

  • I read all the comments on this blog, so that’s a good place to start.
  • Feel free to email questions, suggestions, and comments to
  • Follow us on Twitter at @MidnightDBA


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