Groupie Bonus: DBA Roadmap Beta

Hey guys, if you’re interested in our DBA Roadmap seminar, then get in on the beta program. It’s pretty simple…

  • Track 1: Accessible on, so I won’t repost that.
  • Track 5: Listen to  the track on job hunting.  You’ll note that the audio tracks are pretty similar to our regular DBAs@Midnight tone, but with (I hope) less swearing and more organization. Still, very conversational.  And I haven’t added intro/outro music yet.
  • Companion Guides: Take a look at the ZIP of all the PDF Companion Guides.
  • Help us with feedback: Comment here or email me ( with your feedback. We’ll be making some tweaks and improvements based on what you guys say, so thanks in advance!

Oh, and clearly this information and downloads are just for YOU. No sharing or publicizing!

Thanks again for your help and support!  Love,
Jen, and Sean’s hair

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